How to cope with a mis-sold job

How to Cope with a Mis-Sold Job

Fewer than half of UK employees are happy with the way their careers are progressing, and many blame their boss for their lack of progress, according to new British research.

How To Deliver On The Promise of MegaProjects

Due to the large scale and outlook attached to them, mega-projects have a large opportunity for failure. Typically, the failure begins at the outset of the project, whether that be due to poor justification for the project, misalignment among stakeholders, insufficient planning, or inability to find and use appropriate capabilities.

5 Indicators You've Hired the Right Project Manager

5 Indicators You’ve Hired the Right Project Manager

The importance of hiring the right project manager cannot be overstated enough. Whenever senior managers are asked to identify outstanding project managers, they almost always have a hard time doing so. Whatís most concerning about this is that almost £2 trillion pounds are spent on these projects across the globe, according to Gartner.

Manage Your Project More Effectively Now

There are a few who get project management right from the outset, but for many itís a minefield. In theory, project management seems easy, but itís not as straightforward as it seems.