An Unwilling Heart 

Unwillingness has been a struggle for man since Eve ate the fruit from Satan. We saw this unfold in the book of Genesis. Eve was unwilling to trust what God has told her and Adam was unwilling to step in and lead his wife. We see clearly throughout scripture that being willing to do what […]


Instead of Waiting for Better Times You Better Create Them

How many times have you read a great post, finished an inspirational book, or had life-changing idea, and wanted to make a change, take action, do something, start a passion project”¦.. but then didn’t?


A Day in the Life of a Project Manager

We’re all project managers – even though we might not realize it. We plan and organize resources, measure achievement of goals and make decisions on how to move forward and take corrective action. Understanding and paying attention to important project management details allows you to lead the way as a project manager.

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