Are You Too Busy To Be A Blessing?

It’s easy to get so consumed with all the obligations we have on a daily basis. Zoom, mobile phones, computers, the internet have all made it so much easier to pack more into our days. And while technology is a great blessing to us, we have to remember that how much we get done, isn’t […]

Urban Ministry

Curing Openhomeaphobia. The Debilitating Fear of Hospitality.

Open-home-a-phobic, noun (op-en-hom-a-fo-bick) From Latin phobicus; Greek phobikos; 1. Someone terrified to open his or her home to guests. 2. Someone filled with anxiety due to the overwhelming feelings that his or her home is not good enough for company, the rooms not large enough, the food not tasty enough. 3. Someone who panics at […]

Life of the Mind

Are You an Oddball in Loneliness?

Do you feel like an oddball among your friends because of your faith? Or perhaps, you feel like your zealousness for Christ, makes you a Christian whose head is buried in the clouds?

Social Good

Worlds AIDs Day, Some Facts You Should Know

It’s hard living with a stigma. It’s not what people say, but what they don’t say. It’s the knowing smiles, and the sheepish looks that all add up to a feeling of accusation.



Isolation is one of the best tools the devil uses to try to devour his prey.

Career Life

Successful People Always Leave the Office on Time?

Our 9-to-5 grind has produced a cult of workaholics. And regrettably, the eight to twelve hour workday hasn’t shifted in years.


Are Women Better Project Managers Than Men?

Men and women are different on many levels, anyone can tell you this. While they have distinct physical and character differences, another telling difference between men and women is the way they work, manage, and handle different scenarios in a professional setting.

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