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Abortion: A License to Kill

Abortion: A License to Kill

The world went from calling a ‘clump of cells’ nonhuman, to allowing abortions when the clump of cells begins to ‘look human’, accepting third-trimester abortions, and now pushing for the termination of babies moments before birth, or in some cases, just after birth. It seems that what they are seeking is an all-inclusive licence to kill.


Disclaimer: I do not profess to teach or have any sort of authority over men. I share the Word of GOD and any matters of the world that directly applies to our lives and walk as Christians. Many churches have been brought down by individuals who came in with their yeast and let it spread…

Almost Done

Math is not a strong suit of mine. I can do it, I’m just not crazy about it. I can perform math functions without even realizing it and it pleases my brain to do so that way. If math turns out to be a side note or byproduct of another action, even better. But perform math deliberately, nah.