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    How to Avoid News Anxiety and Still Be “In-the-Know”

    How to Avoid News Anxiety and Still Be “In-the-Know"

    Today’s world feels like a constant barrage of unpleasantness. And if you’re like me, the frustration of not being able to “fix” it can become taxing. We can get so consumed with the anger, heartbreak, grief, pity, outrage, petulance of bad news that it’s difficult to find joy in our everyday lives.

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    Who Can Be a Godinterest Author? Creativity.  You’ve either got it, or you don’t, right? You’re right-brained or left-brained, into art or into computer science, a painter or a mathematician. Creative folks do creative things, like paint, write, and walk barefoot through the woods. Non-creative folks do non-creative things, like make spreadsheets and money. Wrong. […] More

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    Since 2014, Godinterest has been a leading platform reaching faith-based communities worldwide. Aligned to our guiding principals, Godinterest enables our members to express their ideas and share their work on their own terms through writing, conversation, and other media and fills a void in the field of faith-based platforms by being both rigorous and accessible. […] More