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What Is Happening In France?

Over two hundred churches attacked in France in the past two years, twenty of them burned to the ground. And now Notre Dame… what on earth is happening in France? I was channel surfing last month when I caught the tail end of a news report: Notre Dame was on fire. I couldn’t believe it! […]


Europe’s Rising Anti-Semitism Forces Jews to Leave or Hide

In 2017, a study authored by Dr. Johannes Due Enstad of the Center for Research on Extremism was released, providing the public with a methodological and comprehensive report that dissected the growth of Europe’s anti-Semitism problem.


BPS World Research Highlights Challenges Facing Employers in 2017 Following Brexit

Global resourcing specialist BPS World has warned that one of the main challenges facing employers in the UK in 2017 will be the impact of Brexit on the ability to attract talent.

Divorce & Remarriage Family

European Court of Human Rights: Same-sex ‘marriage’ is not a human right

Unanimously, the World Court of Human Rights has established, verbatim, that “there is no right to homosexual marriage”, making it clear that homosexual partnerships do not, in fact, equal marriages between a man and a woman.  

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