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    How to Avoid News Anxiety and Still Be “In-the-Know”

    How to Avoid News Anxiety and Still Be “In-the-Know”

    Today’s world feels like a constant barrage of unpleasantness. And if you’re like me, the frustration of not being able to “fix” it can become taxing. We can get so consumed with the anger, heartbreak, grief, pity, outrage, petulance of bad news that it’s difficult to find joy in our everyday lives.

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    The Christian Pinterest? ‘Godinterest’ Launches, Gives Users an Outlet to Share Religious Content

    AL | By Alex McDaniel A new Pinterest-inspired social network aims to give Christians an outlet for sharing religious content in a family-friendly environment. At first glance, Godinterest could pass for a genuine Pinterest spin-off with its modular, navigable design and similar logo. But London project manager Dean Jones developed the website as an original product, an answer for those who use Pinterest, but […] More