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Stay Under The Tap

Raised in a broken home; his parents split when he was aged 7; he felt abandoned by his dad. He attended one of the worst schools in London, one that was full of violence, drugs and other crimes. It was later closed down. He experimented with cigarettes, weed, alcohol and pornography; he struggled with sexual […]

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It’s Ok To Be A Christian And Go Through Tough Times

Let’s get really honest with each other for a minute. Let’s put aside all the clichés, feel good one-liners, and quick to apply Bible-verse band aids. Sometimes, life is just really hard. And no matter how many inspirational quotes you might throw someone, there is a good chance there burdens are much too deep to be fixed with a quick-to-speak answer.

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Ah Oceans of blue: A Poem For The Brokenhearted

Ah Oceans of blue by Jacqui Julyan