As I end my week here in sunny grey Watford, I am reflecting on the goodness of God, and that helps to set my tone for the day and this weekend. When you wake up in the morning, do you expect the goodness of God in your life? Do you set the tone of the day for success, and blessing with your ? Scripture tells us that life and death are in the power of the tongue. So, as you reflect on whatever you want God to do in your life, move forward and declare it in Jesus’ Name.  

Declare power, declare kindness, declare strength and declare praises to God all throughout the day. Things may be bad all around you. People may be negative, complaining and discouraged, but don’t let that spirit rub off on you. The worse it gets, the brighter you’re going to shine. is that no matter how you feel, no matter what’s going on around you, you can choose your words. There’s nothing that can stop you from constantly speaking His Word with power and positivity!

Today, set the tone for your day, week, month and year, by praising God and declaring positive words of faith and abundance over your . Remember, when you put God first and you speak His word, He promises to honour you. He will pour out His favour on you and lead you into life, , strength and blessing, all the days of your life! Hallelujah!

“I will bless the at all times; His shall continually be in my .” (Psalm 34:1, ESV)

Let’s Pray

, I choose to bless You at all times. Father, I set my tone for my day, week, month and year by declaring Your favour, grace and mercy over my life. God, thank You for Your faithfulness at all times. Please me to be faithful and positive, in Christ’ Name! Amen.

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