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    Can Going to Church Make Me Live Longer?

    Can Going to Church Make Me Live Longer?

    Humans have wanted to live forever for as long as we’ve lived at all. It’s an obsession that stretches back so far that it feels like it’s somehow hard-coded into our DNA. Over the years, immortality (to a greater or lesser extent) has been promised by everyone from cults to the cosmetics industry, big tech companies, and questionable food blogs. However, can going to Church make me live longer? More

  • Godinterest History

    Godinterest was originally launched in December 2, 2012, then discontinued and later recreated after the website was purchased in April, 2014 by Dean Jones. Godinterest founder Dean Jones, refers to himself as a media publisher, dad, Christian, designer, and project manager. Usage Godinterest operates within a Christian environment and mixes a Biblical-worldview with social issues and sometimes […] More