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    Have We Created a Monster? – On #MeToo, FiftyShades and more

    Last month, every time I turned on the TV or read the news on the internet, there was some new sexual abuse or harassment scandal being plastered on my screen. Last year it was the Church of England. Then it was Hollywood. Then it was the Olympics gymnast doctor scandal. Then it was #MeToo. Then […] More

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    What Does #MeToo: Stories of Sexual Abuse, Harassment Have to Do with You?

    How to cope with a mis-sold job

    Fighting the stigma faced by sexual violence survivors is a crucial step in forcing the change referenced by Tamblyn. The “#MeToo” hashtag shows that more and more people are ready to share their stories and change the dialogue surrounding sexual violence. But what does #MeToo: stories of sexual abuse, harassment have to do with you? More