This is just the tiniest snapshot of our problem with plastics. Every year an estimated eight million tonnes of the material flow into the oceans.

The Seabin Project: the Debris-Sucking Saviour of the Oceans

A unique ocean-cleaning technology developed by two Australian surfers has caught the attention of investors around the world. The Seabin wonít swallow Asiaís plastic pollution problem Ė but itís a start.

How to cope with a mis-sold job

What Does #MeToo: Stories of Sexual Abuse, Harassment Have to Do with You?

Fighting the stigma faced by sexual violence survivors is a crucial step in forcing the change referenced by Tamblyn. The “#MeToo” hashtag shows that more and more people are ready to share their stories and change the dialogue surrounding sexual violence. But what does #MeToo: stories of sexual abuse, harassment have to do with you?

World AIDS Day: 'My Health, My Right'

Worlds AIDs Day, Some Facts You Should Know

Itís hard living with a stigma. Itís not what people say, but what they don’t say. Itís the knowing smiles, and the sheepish looks that all add up to a feeling of accusation.

APOPO Hero Rats bomb detection training early morning at cleared field Siem Reap, Cambodia

These giant ‘RATS’ are helping to make the world a safer place

If you thought rats didn’t serve a useful purpose think again. African giant pouched rats, nicknamed HeroRATs, are helping to find landmines and detecting tuberculosis as part of an integrated approach. When deployed alongside standard methods, they speed up the process, getting peopleís lives back on track as fast as possible.