In 2011 I was called into meet with my boss at a major commercial bank in New York City. 25 years of top-performance,  I was told that my position was eliminated and there was no longer a place for me in middle-management.  I was angry, devastated, bitter and worried. My oldest son was about to enter an expensive college, we had just booked an expensive 7-day cruise for our of five and suddenly like the flip of a light switch, things had turned dark… a 50 year old family with no

To compound matters,  my marriage was in a bad place, my were at the point where they no longer needed me,  and my mother was in the hospital dealing with a life-threatening illness. I managed to stay on with the bank but in order to do so I had to take a lower level position which began to create episodes of panic attacks and long-term depression.  All along I was still dealing with the problems within my family life and my ailing mother.  My was crumbling. Just when all seemed lost, events started to unfold which led me to a different perspective on life and ’s involvement in our lives. 

I wrote a story and called it “TAPESTRY” and that story became a film.  Not only had God aided me in my life, but I truly feel that HIS hand was weaving a Tapestry that would take me down a road of discovery and ultimately in my life. This film in many ways was written by God as HE gave me the and inspired me to tell a story that I truly feel God wanted me to tell. I am a first time film maker who had a very small to make this film with but thanks to God’s will, and many very talented Christians who came together in a labor of love, we were able to get veteran actors such as Stephen Baldwin, Tina Louise and Burt Young to play the main characters in the movie. My name is Rob DePalo. 

I hope that will watch this film,  and take from it the of Hope, and Love, and Christianity. The film is streaming on Amazon Prime, iTunes,,  Comcast Xfinity, and VUDU  and is also available in DVD format as well.  

Tapestry was an official selection at the following film festivals:  International Christian Film Festival,  The IndieFest FilmAwards, The Green Mountain Film Festival,  The Winter Film Awards and the International Online Web Fest.


Ken Kushner


Rob DePalo, Ken Kushner 


Tina Louise, Stephen Baldwin, Burt Young 

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