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  • Manifesto of Ethics

    To promote freedom of expression and internet freedom - Freedom of expression is an essential part of a properly functioning democracy and a free society. People should be free to express themselves both online and offline. But in many parts of the world freedom of expression is under threat. does not and will not exercise […] More

  • About Godinterest

    Since 2014, Godinterest has been a leading platform reaching faith-based communities worldwide. Aligned to our guiding principals, Godinterest enables our members to express their ideas and share their work on their own terms through writing, conversation, and other media and fills a void in the field of faith-based platforms by being both rigorous and accessible. […] More

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    3 Empowering Truths For Living

    3 Empowering Truths For Living

    Jesus came to give His followers an abundant life–full of purpose, potential and joy. But Christian living has challenges. How do we live the life Jesus wants?