Abortion: Is it Really Necessary?

In the nearing end of 2018, and in the coming day of Thanksgiving, we need to be thankful that everything this Christian Nation has built is not yet destroyed. Though hard to picture or even think of anything to be thankful for due to this Age of the End Times, it is healthy for a Christian man, woman, teen and child to remember what we do have left. But this article is not talking about Thanksgiving, this article was made to remind us what the bible says about sin and mercy, and I will cover both in this article about Abortion.

Abortion is manually and scientifically removing an unborn-developed organism or removing the chance of any life in the belly of a woman.

The Bible says that life is precious, and detrimental if we choose to murder or play like we are “gods of our life.” For God is the only Lord of our life. However, just as in the Garden of Eden, God did not kill Adam and Eve he showed mercy. So God will not say to you young teen, single parent, or rapist survivor, to teach the child, but to give the baby life. The best you can do is to send the newborn to adoption/foster care. If you are a married couple who only want sex or a prostitute, well, you need to rethink what society has fantasize to you about sex. In all kindness I plead you get purity counseling, perhaps a pastor or a Christian counselor to rearrange what you think about love and adulting.

For love is more than sex.



Miscarriages: Do We Really Mourn With Those Who Mourn?

A mother’s womb is meant to be a place of security, but instead of producing life, it became a place of death. Perhaps you feel that you have failed as a woman, a wife, and a mother. The emotions that you go through are deep and painful, far deeper than we can ever imagine. Your thoughts are a place of darkness and woe. What can we, as the outsiders, really say to bring comfort?

The Powers That Be Don’t Really Care. Do You?

The Powers That Be Don’t Really Care. Do You?

Did you ever have a “friend” in high school that loved causing fights? You know the kind. They act like your best friend but whisper bad things about others in your ear. Then they turn around and say nasty stuff about you to others. They strike a match, sit back and enjoy the flames.