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    Who am I in Christ?

    Who Does God Say That I Am?

    Who am I? It’s a big question that we all endeavor to answer at some point. But can we truly answer it? Yes! Society often put labels on who you are, depending on your job, education, ethnic background etc. But these things don’t really speak to who you are. More

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    Are You the Sheep of God’s Pasture?

    The Sheep of His Pasture

    Those who are familiar with sheep, however, can tell you there are two basic sheep personalities: those which understand the protection of their shepherd and will follow him anywhere, and those that are rebellious, wild and just plain dumb.

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    Gratitude Attitude 2017 #10

    Why Is the Bible So Important?

    Veterans are a blessing in this country. Men and women who are willing to sacrifice their time and comforts to protect and serve the rest of us – even unto death. It reminds me that Yeshua did the same thing – only He did it for the whole world. More