7 Heroes of Faith and the Power of Prayer in Their Lives

We pray because we want something to change in our lives. Every day, we are attacked by many different circumstances — financial insecurities, health problems, or even relationship issues.  Most of us find prayer “a remedy” to these problems. But what if the answer is different from what we expected?  That’s probably why God used […]

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A True Miracle: 5-Year-Old Thrown Off Balcony at Mall of America Suffers no Spinal Damage, no Nerve Damage and no Brain Damage

“Doctors said they found no brain damage – not even any swelling,” Hammond told church congregants on Easter. “No spinal damage, no nerve damage ”¦ doctors are saying it is truly a miracle.”

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CHRISTIANS across the world are “living in utter fear of discrimination and persecution says MP

Christianity CRACKDOWN: Shocking reason Christian persecution around the world is getting WORSE

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Taquarius Wair – My Physical Disability Doesn’t Hold Me Back

Inspiring story of Taquarius Wair – a high school football player who was burn over 55% of his body. Taquarius never gave up on his dream to play and is playing college football next year!

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#hashtags on Godinterest

It started on Twitter and it continues to be a driving force there, with trending topics almost always beginning with #.

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