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Taquarius Wair – My Physical Disability Doesn’t Hold Me Back

“Godinterest want’s to introduce you to a great young man Taquarius Wair (TQ) a high football player, who is in his senior year.

Taquarius Wair burned 55% of his body and in some places to the bone in a tragic house fire at the early age 4. He lost four fingers on his left hand.

His mother saved him from the fire, but he ran back in trying to save his oldest sister. She didn’t survive, but his hero heart holds her with every stride.

“All I can remember is the fire all around me,” Wair said. “My Mother called my name and I came walking out of the fire. She said it was then that she knew I was going to be special.”

Taquarius Wair

“I don’t remember much of my life before I was 8, but I do know that is when my no quit attitude was developed,” said Wair. “I remember people looking at me and probably I wasn’t going to be good, but I was really good.”

Taquarius Wair
Inspiring story of Taquarius Wair - a high school football player who was burn over 55% of his body. Taquarius never gave up on his dream to play and is playing college football next year!
Inspiring story of Taquarius Wair – a high football player who was burn over 55% of his body. Taquarius never gave up on his dream to play and is playing college football next year!

He almost didn’t play this year because he thought no disabled person will ever go pro. That was until the Seattle Seahawks drafted a one handed player, Shaquem Griffin, in the 5th round.

Taquarius Wair did not quit and its a good thing because he will now play college football at Mesabi Range College. Taquarius Wair fought through his disabilities and received an offer to play football at the collegiate level.

Wair finished off his first ever complete football season in 2018. He helped lead his team to the 2A State Semi-Finals at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota. T.Q. will be playing football for head coach Tom Inforzato at Mesabi Range Community College.

His goals are simple.

“My next step is to play in the NFL like Shaquem Griffin,” said Wair. “I look forward to watching Taquarius Wair be an inspiration for kids in years to come.”

Taquarius Wair

My point you have no idea who you can inspire by chasing your God given dreams. Get up and chase down your greatness!“


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  1. Hallelujah! what clear and inspiring words Dean Jones. and Young Brother Taquarius? WHAT AN INSPIRATON YOU ARE A VESEL OF THE MOST HIGH ACTUALIZED. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY AND YOUR FAMILY TO COME.

  2. This kids got pure heart.. There is not anything else you need to be successful in life. Keep striving and hope to watch you in the future on sundays!

  3. The enemy has no strength against God’s living and active Word! You are not at the mercy of your circumstances, you’re saturated in the mercies of Almighty God and they come to you new every single morning. Breathe in His promises, exhale your frustrations; wrap your arms around His grace and rest in the knowledge that you are never alone. May it be well with your soul today. Have a blessed and beautiful day.


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