I leave with you, my peace I give unto you; not as the giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.


There always have been and always be two classes on the to the end of time–the believers in , and those who reject Him.

Sinners, however wicked, sinful, , abominable, and corrupt, by faith in Jesus Christ be purified and made clean, through the doing of His . and the blood of Jesus Christ which was shed on calvary.

Those who reject Christ and refuse to the truth be filled with bitterness against those who accept Jesus as a personal Saviour. But those who receive Christ are melted and subdued by the manifestation of His love and His humiliation, suffering, and death in their behalf.

The peace that Jesus Christ gave to His disciples, and for which we , is the peace that is born of truth, a peace that is not to be quenched because of division. Without may be wars and fightings, jealousies, envies, hatred, strife; but the peace of Christ is not that which the world giveth or taketh away. It could endure amid the hunting of spies and the fiercest opposition of His enemies…. Christ did not for an instant seek to purchase peace by a betrayal of sacred trusts. Peace could not be made by a compromise of principles.

It is a grave mistake on the part of those who are children of to seek to bridge the gulf that separates the children of light from the children of darkness by yielding principle, by compromising the truth. It would be surrendering the peace of Christ in order to make peace or fraternize with the world. The sacrifice is too costly to be made by the children of God to make peace with the world by giving up the principles of truth…. Then let the followers of Christ settle it in their minds that they will never compromise truth, never yield one iota of principle for the favor of the world. Let them hold to the peace of Christ.

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