It’s time to self-isolate from Twitter and seek shelter at Societal

LONDON, March 31, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — A lot of people have been rattled into searching for alternative social media platforms as they become ever more uncomfortable with the way capitalist entities leverage control over the largest social networks in human history. Most do not like the way these companies buy and sell our data, our identities, and even […]


World Afro Day 13th September 2019, launches The Big Hair Assembly supported by Superdrug.

Over seven thousand, school children internationally have signed up to join the Big Hair Assembly, Friday 1:30pm (BST) September 13th, 2019. This pioneering event will be live streamed to schools around the world at one time in one giant assembly. Students from all backgrounds will be joining together in a celebration of hair, identity and […]

CEO of Publicity Creations by Design

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   West Branch, MI, August 28, 2019 77-year-old man drags himself out of the woods after breaking his neck and spine”¦ On September 22nd, 2016, Gerald L. Melvin was enjoying his afternoon in the woods preparing for opening day of deer season. He was strapping up a 12-foot tree ladder stand in […]

Teleios Research Evaluates Different Forms of Church and Biblical Resources

Teleios Research surveyed young Christians to evaluate opinions about accepted forms of church and biblical resources. Of the 185 participants the majority were: female (63%), <35 years old (72%), from the United States (70%), and evangelical (70%). This survey showed that these mostly young, evangelical, Christians viewed their local assembly as a valid form of […]

Teleios Research Evaluates Bible Study Method

Enhanced Bible Study Using Greek Word Definitions for English Translation CHARLESTON, S.C. Feb. 6, 2019 —The Bible represents the source of spiritual truth for evangelical Christians. The original language of the New Testament was Greek and subsequently was translated directly to English. Therefore, analyzing the original Greek words might be useful to better understand the […]

Teleios Research Surveys Young Christians About Sharing the Gospel

Hello, My name is Talie Bowles and I am a PR/Communications intern for Teleios Research. Teleios is a nonprofit foundation that works to show the truth of the Bible through scientific research and produces practical tools for scriptural understanding. Teleios conducts a variety of prospectively planned studies, surveys and medical literature reviews that demonstrate how […]

Teleios Research evaluates Christian and secular help organizations

Teleios Research analyzed the financial and work efficiency of secular versus Christian private related relief organizations operating in the United States. The Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability’s online database was used for the Christian-based organizations and Charity Navigator for the secular-based organizations. The Christian list was analyzed first and matched to similar organizations on the […]

New Full-Service Christian Talent Bureau Set to Unify Churches

Exceptional Keynote Speakers is where the Meeting Planner gets the applause


Faith based film drama “Tapestry” starring Stephen Baldwin as a man whose life is crumbling


Shola Victor-Sajowa releases new lyrics video “My name is Favour “

Worship leader and International Gospel Act ; Psalmist Shola Victor-Sajowa releases a new lyric video of her single titled “My name is Favour “

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