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West Branch, MI, August 28, 2019

77-year-old man drags himself out of the woods after breaking his neck and spine”¦

On September 22nd, 2016, Gerald L. Melvin was enjoying his afternoon in the woods preparing for opening day of deer season. He was strapping up a 12-foot tree ladder stand in preparation for bow season on October 1st. As he attempted to secure it in place, he lost feeling in his knees and legs from kneeling for too long on the expanded metal. When he stepped back onto the first rung of the ladder, he misstepped and fell, landing on a stump, resulting in breaking his neck, spine and fracturing his pelvis which left his right leg paralyzed.

What happened after is what prompted Melvin to write his book, “To Be Eaten Alive”, Was my FEAR, Not my FAITH. It took him over three and a half hours to drag himself to his car, then attempt to drive another 45 minutes home to get help to the hospital. Sadly, Melvin’s story just got worse from there.

What motivated Melvin to crawl out of the woods was the fast approaching nightfall and the fear of being eaten alive by wild animals. He didn’t want his family to remember him in that way.

Just 2 months prior to Melvin’s fall he conveyed to his daughter, Karie Millspaugh, that he wanted to write a book about God’s timing and faith. She made sure he turned that idea into reality by stepping in as chief editor to their daddy-daughter project. Millspaugh stated that she was going to do whatever it takes to see this come to life, even if she had to transcribe each word her dad wrote on a notepad, which is in fact, exactly how he wrote this book.

Readers are claiming that they understand faith in a whole new way just after a few short chapters of Melvin’s book. People prefer to learn from those that walk their talk and Melvin’s story of his horrific accident along with many other faith-based experiences is doing just that.

Quote from Melvin, “Don’t get in situations without God because you’re going to have to trust totally in someone outside of yourself when you can’t walk or barely crawl — You realize that the physical has let you down but the spiritual never will.”

To Be Eaten Alive, Was my FEAR, Not my FAITH is now available on Amazon.



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