London, England:  Godinterest is proud to announce the relaunch of its open publishing platform Godinterest, and pleased to once again become the publishing source for so many thousands of our faithful online writers, readers and faith-based thought leaders.

Originally launched to great success in 2012 as an open online forum and publishing platform for an increasingly neglected faith-based community, has now upgraded its services and relaunched to continue to explore and celebrate the community’s Freedom of Expression through the direct promotion of their Freedom of Religion.

The Core Principles of Godinterest have always been-

  • We firmly believe that all bloggers have the right to political speech, the right to express their political opinions, and should always maintain the right to express their political values.
  • We firmly believe in protecting and promoting our freedom of religion or belief, even in the face of any and all governmental, administrative and/or non-state acting opposition.
  • We further believe that bloggers have the right to maintain their privacy, along with the option to remain anonymous if they so choose.
  • Godinterest does not and will not ever exercise editorial oversight over the sites hosted on our service.

Godinterest is Here to Share the Good News of Our Faithful Contributors

In an overwhelmingly liberal dominated media maelstrom with increasingly “progressive” agendas, many of the largest internet platforms are being held hostage by an aggressively thuggish PC culture, which is now openly suppressing articles in defense of conservative values. Godinterest recognizes this blatant bias against even the most moderate conservative thought and is, therefore, always open to openly publishing and gratefully encouraging thoughtful, articulate and reasonable voices from the Right.

The Godinterest editorial team is also always open to developing mutually productive partnerships with all of our faithful Christian denominations throughout the world in a sincere effort to multiple our forces in the ongoing struggle to share, promote and protect our common values.

The Upgrade

At its core Godinterest has always been an open online publishing platform where faith-based believers from all walks of life can read important, insightful on the topics that matter most to them, as well as positively interact with other believers. Our platform is also a forum where all of the faithful can also openly share their thoughts, ideas, opinions and values with a world that is increasingly being denied their point of view.


  • Our bloggers and writers will be able to create multi-user blogs which promote convenient interaction.
  • Our bloggers and writers will be able to create websites with time-stamped entries.
  • Any user can now create up to 50 blogs per account
  • All blogs are hosted by Godinterest and accessed from a subdomain of
  • Blogs can now also be served from a custom domain privately owned by the user (ex: by using our DNS facilities to direct a domain to Godinterest’s server.

We at Godinterest look forward to a and rewarding future for all of our contributors, users, readers, and all of the faithful everywhere around the world!

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