How many times have I heard users say, I WANT A HOME PAGE FOR LOGGED IN USERS, to many to count.

When developing Godinterest we came across an issue that needed solving but could not find an answer? Now this is rare, because there are thousands of WordPress plugins out there and an equal amount of developers.

“I want the non-logged-in users to see the normal home page and the logged-in users to see the buddy press or Peepso activity stream page or other WordPress home page?”

The first version of this plugin does just that. It provides Dual Home Display Options for logged-in and logged-out users.

In simplistic terms, you can set a separate homepage for visitors and another homepage for logged in users on your hosted site. So, in the case of BuddyPress or Peepso even if you click on the header logo, you will now see the buddy press or Peepso activity stream page, not the regular home page. Digg it!

It’s a basic plugin but fulfils a great need. The Godinterest team wants to develop this plugin further and looks forward to your feedback so that it adequately fulfils your needs.

We are keen to engage and add more features or work with other plugins developers to incorporate in to another great project or perhaps even into the WordPress Core!.



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