New Full-Service Christian Talent Bureau Set to Unify Churches

Exceptional Keynote Speakers is where the Meeting Planner gets the applause

YORBA LINDA, CA: Seeing a steady decline in Christian hosted events notably since 2008, two seasoned, Christian authors/speakers lamented over the drastically reduced number of opportunities to invest in the Christian audience and share the gospel message to the unchurched. “The need for the gospel message in our culture is perhaps greater today than any other point in my lifetime,” stated Pamela Christian. Lead Founder of Exceptional Keynote Speakers.

EKS is a kind of bureau. The roster of members includes some well-known names, and some soon to be better known names from across the country. Each is eager to pool their talent with the bureau, sharing the common belief that instead of having fewer events to infuse the world with much-needed truth, we need many more.

A few things set Exceptional Keynote Speakers apart:
– They seek a wide variety of talent and expertise, without any serious duplications to give each member the best chance of being booked in their genre.
– They work with churches and organizations and maintain involvement during the planning stages to help minimize risks and be in better position to meet the client’s stated goals.
– Within the EKS roster there is enough proven talent to fully staff even the most elaborate events from concept to completion.
– All members of the roster are included by invitation only.

Christian explains, “We wanted an invitation-only roster so we can select people we personally know, who will uphold our values, and reputation. Our brand is Christianity–it’s got to be above reproach.”

When asked about the timing of EKS, Christian explained, “A tremendous void has been formed with the dismantling of many speaker’s bureaus and discontinuation of many annually held events. However, the need for intimate, small group fellowship, medium-size retreats and conferences, and huge stadium-size events still exists. So, it seems to me the model of yesterday is what quit working. We’re creating a model.”

EKS is not a passive bureau waiting for churches or organizations to contact them. Instead they pro-actively contact potential clients, making known the full scope of services, then seek to partner with the church/organization to plan and conduct events to meet the client’s objectives. One target for EKS is to help various churches in a specific community or region to join efforts to produce events that attract the unchurched. “The increasing evidence of community distrust and expressions of hatred can only be harnessed with the love and truth of Jesus” according to Christian.
“We know the risk the Meeting Planner takes when attempting to plan and conduct an event. By partnering with the Meeting Planner bringing our collective multiple hundreds of years experience, we help alleviate much of the risk. That’s why we say, Exceptional Keynote Speakers is where the Meeting Planner gets the applause.”

Exceptional Keynote Speakers is officially launching September 1, 2109. You can get a sneak peak of the growing roster at

For more information or to make inquiry, contact Keri Spring, Marketing Director. Email is Phone is 714 988-3357.


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