I’m White, Privileged With a Message on Racism That The World Is Missing

Overcoming Racism: I’m a White, Privileged With a Message on Racism That The World Is Missing

Racism is a pretty controversial topic, especially in the world we live in today. Among Christians, things can get especially dicey, as the rest of the world’s eyes are just staring and waiting for us to make a mistake.

Remember in Matthew 22:39 when Jesus said, “Love your neighbor as yourself?” Right there, the Bible is directly telling us that to loathe someone based solely on the color of their skin, is a sin. But I didn’t always understand that.

It’s easier to admit to sin when everybody else has done it, but here I am today doing something that’s far from easy; I struggled to love my neighbor as myself. It wasn’t how I was raised, but the environments I was around in every single job situation planted seeds of hate into my heart. I pushed away when God started to deal with me about it. I’d say things like, “I’m not racist. I have diversity in my life. I’m not a hater.”

Yet all the while, I wouldn’t speak up when my coworkers at a freelance writing gig would tell racist jokes, sometimes I’d even play along just because “everybody else was doing it.” I worked for almost eight months for an internet political publication; an environment that was toxic waste disguised as candy. Some of the articles I was assigned to write were satirical and entertaining, but then there was a vast majority that I was told to write, that made ugly and cringy remarks about other races, cultures, and people in general in ways I wasn’t comfortable doing. But like an idiot, I didn’t refuse to do the work; I played along in hopes of gaining everybody’s favor.

After a while, all the jokes and satirical remarks started to become more than just horseplay; I started to really believe the things I was being told and dwelled on how much I didn’t like people who weren’t like me. Still, when God would deal with me about it, I would shove it off and say that “I just wasn’t like that.” That it was all fun and games. I was living a lie.

Eventually, the publication went out of business, and I went on to pursue other writing opportunities. I was upset at the time, but now I thank God that he took me away from all that stress.

It was at a church conference that God started to deal with me again. I realized that though I wasn’t as “extreme” as people you might see online, I was enabling it, writing and promoting it, and thinking those thoughts. God told me that he did not call me to be a hater, and during the altar call I ran, fell to my knees and poured my heart out to Him and told him how sorry I was. I know that He has forgiven me, and restored me to a place of love rather than hate.

I’m telling you all of this because I know I’m not the only one who has struggled in this area. I didn’t like the person I let the world turn me into, and God didn’t either. God has commanded us to love, not hate.

Today I am not the same person I was when I began my pursuit of writing. God took away the ugly sin and created a beautiful testimony; one that I will not shy away from. Am I ashamed of all the ugly things I published during my first writing gig? Absolutely. But it is a reminder of who I was before God totally transformed my mindset. I am no longer addicted to outrage, hatred is not in my heart; instead, God’s love has completely and totally transformed me.

God wants to deal with you about some stuff too; stuff that may not necessarily be easy to admit to yourself that you’ve done. But once you’re honest with both yourself and God, and ask for His forgiveness, it will radically change your life.



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  1. A Black schoolgirl has been suspended by school for asking why slavery isn’t commemorated unlike their war !

    A young BLACK schoolgirl who questioned why she should care about Remembrance Day when so many white people don’t care about the effects of slavery or Black History Month, has been suspended for expressing these views, her mother said.

    The girl, who attends St Michael’s College in London , is understood to have been suspended for two weeks and sent to a pupil “referral unit” .

    Cherie Johnson, the unnamed girl’s mother, told Operation Black Vote: “A number of school staff members labelled my daughter a racist, ”

    In fact it’s been found they even lied that she distributed racist material.

    Mrs. Johnson’s daughter displayed a poster at her school which read:

    “37 million people died during WW1, but 60 million people died during slavery. Why should I care about remembrance, when they can’t show any respect for us during Black History Month.”

    The schoolgirl, who is due to sit her exams, has been accused of vandalising school property ( just for writing on a sheet of paper) , distributing material with inappropriate ( for asking a question) and ( for speaking the truth) offensive language ( so called ” hate speech”) and behaviour contrary to the ethos of the college.

    Johnson said: “What do I do? My child is at a critical age, exams around the corner, and now this. The school called me up and said that my daughter was sending racist material around the school, but this is not racist it’s just a reflection of what some young people feel. It’s challenging but, how is this racist?”

    So it seems that the school wants to brainwash our children and destroy the lives of anyone who questions their racist agenda

    Please share with all your contacts

  2. Love this. GOD Bless your change of heart and mind. Prayerfully this will reach others who have not yet submitted to this realization.

  3. Read your article it tells me you’re a young man trying to understand God who created you. You are in the middle of your life between the Old Testament and the New Testament in darkness. You are letting the altars of men teach you instead of reading the word by yourself. Close your eyes and look back to Gen. and then look towards Revelation. Then come to the centrality of the Cross. Christ was crucified on the “Place of the Skull,” Golgotha in Hebrew. If you do not understand what the Place of the Skull is you will forever be in darkness. You are letting men teach you instead of the Spirit of God that came over the face of the deep, Gen.1:2. God never ordained a Church but men who believed in God look at the Old Testament, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, they heard the voice of God never in a church blg. built by man.

  4. Why would you put a picture like the above with your article? How is a menacing looking black kid going to make people reflect on “racism?” Maybe right an article explaining that indeed, it’s okay to be white.






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