Dreams & Desires

Three weeks into the new year, are you frustrated because a dream or a goal isn’t happening the way you thought it would? Be passionate about your dreams, but don’t let it become an idol. If that’s all you think about and you’re not going to be happy unless it happens, then that’s out of […]


I’m White, Privileged With a Message on Racism That The World Is Missing

Racism is a pretty controversial topic, especially in the world we live in today. Among Christians, things can get especially dicey, as the rest of the world’s eyes are just staring and waiting for us to make a mistake.


Because I Can’t Kneel At The Altar I’m A Weak Christian?

In this age when we are encouraged to “speak our mind,” the more popular way to respond to hate is to fight fire with fire. The belief is that if you’re really worth something, you have to fight for it.

Architecture Culture

Worship at the Altar of Striking Architecture

The invention of the Christian church was one of the brilliant – perhaps the most brilliant – solutions in architectural history.

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