If Adam Choose God over Eve, What Would Have Happened to Eve?

If Adam chose God over Eve, what would have happened to Eve is one of those hypothetical questions that gets asked on a regular basis. While we are sure he wouldn’t have made Adam suffer the results of sin, we’re really not sure what would have happened to Eve?

We’ve probably  got two or three options. The lord may have enacted the plan of salvation for Eve because  he loved both Adam and Eve equally. However, this is all speculation which is worth nothing. To be blunt it’s a tough question that can not be answered.



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  1. Adam didn’t realize he was choosing Eve over the Lord until it was to late. Do you remember what he said as soon as God asked him what he did.
    The woman YOU gave me. (Genesis 3:12) So almost in the same breath, he not only blamed Eve, he also blamed God. If Adam would have stood up, and as you say chosen God. Nothing would have happened to Eve, because nothing would have happened. Adam, who was right there would’ve rebuked the snake, slapped Eve in the mouth and ended it right there. But he didn’t do anything but take a bite. That was why he was the one who was responsible. He had the authority to stop it and he didn’t.

  2. The redemption was forever resided in man to redeem himself from his creations of immorality. Eve was not the one to deceive the Creator. It has always been man and his thoughts of Utopia gained through slavery of societies to his power and wealth the need for attention like a little child. That will never go away that attitude has been here since time began. It is the Woman and children that she bares to witness Creation that is crucified on the Cross , the blood pooling at the feet the Spirit of Christ. Man became a God and fell from Grace.






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