I am working.

I do not care, and although people tend to depict me as an ugly two horned beast and a fork tail, this is false.

The truth is whoever knows the bible knows very well that I can still appear as an angel of light.

Actually, I go to church more often than many and feel particularly happy when I come across Christians who neglect to pray or read the Bible on a regular basis.

It is in this that I am filled with joy and even applaud.

This is because the less you pray and read the Bible, the more control I can exert over you.

My greatest joy is when at the moment of preaching, many are talking, distracted on the their mobile phones or to concerned with their appearance.

My greatest sadness is when I see the church singing. I turned against God along time ago, because I wanting to be his equal. As a result I was expelled from heaven and lost all my privileges and so I have made this earth my home.

Today in the church, *music is what I hate most*.
Therefore *I have set a spirit of pride and prostitution for the musicians*, (Ezekiel 28: 12,13,14,15).

*My end is near*. That is why in recent times I am working hard to bring crowds with me to hell.

My mission is to kill, steal and destroy (John 10:10).

I attract crowds with songs, dances, parties, alcoholic drinks, drugs, social networks, soap operas, movies, fame, fashion, lust, money, sexual pleasures etc.

I like to see women exposing there bodies to arouse the sensuality of men.

Many go to church with tight pants and short skirts.

I’m not afraid to reveal my secrets. I know very well that even when all this is said, there will be no improvement in you.

The things that make me angry in the church are: *fasting, prayers, intercession, and offerings*.

When I want someone not to go to church, I put thoughts like:

‘You are tired’, you are not fit to go to church … Then do not go!

‘The services are long and tiring’, do not go !!!

‘Rest, enjoy the TV!’



    1. Ronald Thomas

      You have been deceived by who the Devil is by mans Gods. There is a word in Old and New Testament the word is ,”Nun” in Aramaic it means, “snake”. There are only two natures of mankind, good and evil, the serpent in the Garden represents the evil that manifests itself in the spirit of male or female. So if you believe in the Devil then you are negating your own responsibilities as a man by not converting to a singular thought one Almighty God. Man deceived you into thinking there is another god called the Devil when in fact good and evil exist within you, me and others. One day hopefully you will arise from the ashes and realize as I do there is only one God and the Devil, evil was within me.

    1. Ronald Thomas

      It is truthful can’t argue with him on that but the fact remains churches are creations of man different then you my friend. I serve one God which is outside the realm of you or man or government. Happy trails to you.