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Ah Oceans of blue: A Poem For The Brokenhearted

Ah Oceans of blue by Jacqui Julyan

Ah Oceans of blue
Whose waves toss and curl shouting in the wind
You who spit and foam out onto the seashore
Your depths no one can fathom
Ah Oceans of blue
Your roars shatter out all other sounds
Yet, you calm the tempest of my soul
Your depths so impenetrable
Ah Oceans of blue
The winds have abated your presence is calm
Yet, who can tell what direction lies ahead?
Who can know of your intent?
Ah Oceans of blue
You whose waves when provoked
Crash constantly
Your mouth opens and spews out its salty substance
Who can rein in your majestic temperament?
Ah Oceans of blue
Whose waters mirror the colours of the heavens
Whose sea is as glass like unto
Your Maker on His Throne
Ah Oceans of blue
You who raised up Jonah at the LORD’s command
Whose home shelters all living moving creatures
From Him who spoke His Word of blessing and life
Ah Oceans of blue
You who bowed to the Messiah’s words ‘Be Still’
Your Master, Jesus, walked upon your back
Calm in belief whilst others sank in unbelief
Ah Oceans of blue
Gathered together from the beginning of time
The waters He called Seas
The One who saw you and proclaimed ‘it was good’
Ah Oceans of blue
You whose waves continue to toss and curl
Your depths no can fathom
Who can know of your intent?
Ah Oceans of blue
You whose purpose is good
Gathered together from the beginning of time
For the LORD is your Maker
Ah Oceans of blue
The voice of the LORD roars
Who can know of His intent?
Only Jesus as He walks and declares
‘Be Still and know that I am God’

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By Jacqui Julyan

I live in Cornwall, England and have done so for the last twenty-one years. I moved with my mother and daughter in 1997 from Nottingham. It is here in Cornwall God still continues to do His greatest healing in my life. I live in a small bedsit with my now elderly dog Cindy.

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