Be still my soul
Be still
Before your God
The Maker of heaven and earth
Be still my soul
Be still
For Jesus is with you
He is the only begotten of the Father
Be still my soul
Why so distressed?
Do you not know?
Have you not heard?
He is from everlasting
To everlasting
Be still my soul
Be still my beloved
He comes to you
He is the bright morning star
Daughter of the King
Here he comes
Riding on a donkey
Be still O my soul
Be still
He is the River of Life
He is the manna from heaven
Taste and see
The goodness of the Lord
O be still my beloved
My Hands hold your heart
I soothe all your wounds
I bring healing on my wings
O be still my precious child
For I am the LORD that healeth thee
Be still and know that I am God