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A Christian in London has created a environment similar to options for those who wish to avoid offensive language and images that one sometimes finds on the site. This new is called Godinterest.com and has a lot of components of options, including the categories.

is one of the major social media sites;. However, the messages options do not always ensure that they are suitable for the whole We are aware of the values that we, as Christians, we are subject and therefore Godinterest provide an additional level of security, “said Dean Jones, creator of Godinterest via a press release.

“I see this as a ministry and to that extent, are welcome, however, is not a topic of discussion,” Jones said in reference to the of your page.

As a new site, the content is still limited to a small group of users who have contributed.


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Godinterest Christian magazine is on a mission to tip the scale and shed more light in dark places.


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