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Godinterest a Christian Social Network allows members to upload and share photos from across the web with other users and create boards.

For those who love the social media site Pinterest but want to share within a Christian environment Godinterest could be a safe family friendly Christian alternative. A new online photo-sharing platform which strives to have Christian content, the site has been developed by Dean Jones a devoted Christian.

Jones, a 35-year-old Project Manager from London said, ” The popular photo-sharing Web site is known for allowing its users to post a wide range of content. However, we are mindful of the values that we as Christian’s are bound by. Godinterest will enable our users to share within an Christian Social Network.“

However, should Christians use social media?
Jones said, “In today’s busy world, I believe that Christian ministries need to engage the public with social media and that there is added value in doing so. However, learning even the basics of social media can be a daunting task that’s why like Pinterest, Godinterest was designed with the beginner in mind, this means that people can easily create an account that they can use to market and brand their business.”

Godinterest is presently being used for organizing ideas including Church events, travel planning, inspirational quotes, home decorating ideas, meal planning and advice, wedding or event planning, activities for children, or any combination of ideas one’s heart desires.

When asked what’s special and about Godinterest Christian Social Network? Jones stated the following points:

  • Share Button – “Following in the footsteps of Pinterest’s Pin-It Button, The Godinterest share button makes it easy for users to collect the things they find on the web. After its installed, users just need to click ‘Share on Godinterest’ whenever they see something they want to share.”
  • Visual Imagery – “Imagine getting to do window-shopping of all the best and most creative things in the Christian world without having to go to the mall. Would you rather browse a beautiful shop or a list of items in a catalog? It is the use of visual imagery that sets Godinterest apart (in an important way) from traditional (text based) bookmarking sites.”
  • Organised Sets – “Godinterest has a way to organise these single images into sets. This adds a layer of value (Christian quotes, books, music and so on) to an otherwise Godinteresting photo.”
  • Self Expression – “Another innate human trait, there is a need to leave our mark on the world, to show how we see and experience God worlds. This shows up in how we decorate homes and trips we’ve been on, restaurants we have enjoyed, putting our spin on another person’s picture.Godinterest boards are a form of this self-expression, whether in the topics that interest users, or how they choose to fill a godinterest board to make it inspirational!”
  • Social Sharing – “Once we create something, we naturally want to share it with others. In this respect, I think Godinterest (just like Pinterest) lends itself better to social sharing far more than other services do. Think about how all the distasteful stuff that ends up in the news feed in other sites. But, contrast that with something created by someone else that you might find personally relevant, or at the very least simply amazing.”
  • Simple User Interface – “Want to increase participation in something? Lower the bar on what’s required.”
  • Discovering New Sites – “Use Godinterest to discover more Christian sites and products.”
  • Posts – “Unlike the posts on other sites, the posts on Godinterest have no expiry date.”

Godinterest could also offer both parents and teachers an easy, engaging way to share resources with other parents.

Jones said, “Did you ever notice all of the bulletin boards and posters covering the walls of most classrooms? Teachers have been part of the bulletin board culture for ages. Godinterest gives teachers the ability to do the same thing in a virtual environment. Boards provide a virtual space for teachers to share activities, lesson plans, and ideas.”

Savvy Christian business owners could use this social media site to market their business.

Jones said, “Godinterest Christian Social Network is a fun way to put all of your favorite Godinteresting in one spot, but be aware, it is very addictive! If you serve a congregation, educators or families, you could have a great friend and outreach tool in Godinterest. “

Free registration includes access to all of the website’s features, including sharing images with friends, following friends’ updates and creating boards.

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Godinterest is dedicated to proclaiming Christ and set apart, to save and empower lives.

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Finally, social networking sites can engage spiritual seekers on the Internet, meeting those seekers where they are. Just like face-to-face evangelism, we can establish credibility and authenticity in the seeker’s natural and comfortable environment, and then build on that foundation and share the love of Christ with new online friends.

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