The uncertainties of life are things beyond our control and knowledge. We cannot predict the outcome. Maybe we can do little to influence it. These can keep us awake at night. Not only do they bother us all night long, they are ghosts that troll us during the day. We lose focus. We are unable to connect with around us because these uncertainties have taken hold of our mind and heart.

“Is my job secure?” “Do people approve of what I’ve done?” How can we handle these kinds of uncertainties? How do we fruitfully manage them?

1. Trust the love of God.

At times, failings and incapability cause other people to lose love and confidence in us. Friends shy away. Relationships end because you lost your job or you made a complete of yourself in public. But God is not repulsed by any of that. He loves us passionately. He loves us the , whether we do well or not. Lamentations 3:22 says God’s love is stedfast. It never stops. His love never wavers. His love is forever loyal.

Trusting the love of God allows us to remain secure in the middle of uncertainties. God loves us. He will work things out for our good (Romans 8:28).

2. Trust the wisdom of God.

That we do not know something can be very debilitating. We are unable to proceed because we don’t know what’s ahead. Decisions are hard to make because we are banking on predicted outcomes before we even take the plunge. We don’t want to act aimlessly. We don’t want to invest efforts and emotions into something or someone when there is no promise of fruit.

It is in these times that the follower of God needs to trust the wisdom of God. Keep holding on to Him and the truths and of His . Maintain a life guided by the principles of His Word. Joshua 1:8 assures that those who by the wisdom of His Word will be prosperous and have good in his life. Although this may be material in nature, it is not solely so. The Hebrew root word translated as prosperous carries the meaning of “advancement” while the root translated as success carries the meaning of “to understand, to gain insight”. This means Scriptures are never dated or obsolete. This means dedication to God’s Word leads to advancement and understanding in life. This means that in God’s Word you find what you need for right and fruitful .

Best-selling books sold on shelves today talk about how to be successful in dealing with people. People buy pricy self-help books and attend expensive seminars to hear life coaches encouraging them towards positive and successful living. But in the very pages of God’s Word are all the tools we need to positive in this negative world. In His Word are principles for right communication and relationships with the people around us.

Now, in immersing yourself with the guidance of His Words, uncertainties will still present themselves. It is in these moments that you need to trust the wisdom of an all-knowing God who plans good things for you, never . When you doubt and worry about the things He allows to happen in your life, seek assurance and comfort from His Word. Never let the sow . God promises to never abandon us. (Hebrews 13:5) So at all times, run to God and not away from Him.

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