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Why Followers of Jesus Should Care About Fair Trade

Conflicted over bananas, button-downs, and now, smartphones. Fair Trade in an Unfair World

Spiritual Growth

Using the Enneagram as a Tool for Spiritual Growth

A personality typing system has been quietly infiltrating Christian communities for the last quarter-century. But some believers may be excused for their skepticism. After all, the “Enneagram” is an ancient system of unknown origin with a strange name.

Elevated Faith

You Matter: God Knows You

“If God was real, He wouldn’t have allowed this to happen!” touted the skeptic after a hurricane blazed through his hometown, destroying everything he’s ever known.

Elevated Faith Prayer Spiritual Growth The Bible

Does Prayer Really Make a Difference?

If you and I were having coffee together, and I asked you, “Hey, how’s your prayer life?”, how would you respond?

Jesus The Resurrection of Christ

Why the Resurrection of Jesus Matters in the 21st Century

How can something that happened so long ago have any significance or impact on us living in the 21st century?