Far From Home

Have you ever looked back over your and said ‘I'm far from home'? What happened when you realised?

In scripture, Naomi had been away from Bethlehem in the land of for a long time. She and her husband had moved to Moab because of a famine, and their sons had grown up there and married. Naomi also deep grief when her husband and then later her sons died.

Being a widow in those days was very difficult because a household depended on men to provide , shelter, and support. So when Naomi heard that God had provided food in Bethlehem, she was motivated to go back there.

Isn't it interesting to see how God works in our lives. Wherever we go, God watches over us. And sometimes, in dire situations, we may be drawn to seek him in renewed ways. In this story, as we learn later, God was drawing Naomi back to Judah because he had a special plan for her family. But Naomi didn't know that at the time.

Today, Naomi, you may be dealing with some adversity. Maybe it's the death of a loved one or the unexpected loss of a . Maybe it's some trouble you brought on yourself. Whatever the case, difficult situations can lead us to on the goodness of God and how he provides us a spiritual home for us. Wherever you are at this moment, may God help you see that our home can only be found in Him, through the gift of Christ, His .

She left the place where she had been and set out on the road that would take them back to the land of Judah. (Ruth 1:7).

Let's Pray

, thank you for the of an eternal home. , wherever I am in my life, help me to hear your voice and to know that my home is with you. In Christ's name, Amen.

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