**Wisdom Wednesdays**

We are all experiencing the pinch of the rising cost of living. Fuel is at a record high, food has gone up, and energy bills are arriving that are no longer affordable.

What can we do? Many are worried about how we will make ends meet each month.

The truth is as believers in Jesus Christ we have a promise that reminds us of God’s ability to provide for us during these very difficult times. ‘The LORD is my shepherd,…’

This metaphor describes the Lord like a Shepherd who is tending his dependent flock. He is a protector who leads us to green pastures, protects us from predators and makes sure that no one is lost or goes astray. ‘…I shall not want’ The word “want” means “lack.” This means with God we won’t lack anything we need.

We can have complete confidence in Him to provide for all our needs. So why not trust, Our Shepherd who will protect us as we navigate through these tough times. – Pastor Sophia Peart

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