In the 25 years I've travelled I have always taken out travel insurance but never had to make a claim. That was until this trip. I have been tested to the limit and it is still not over. As I write, I am at a hotel in Washington Dulles after missing my  back to the UK.

My  are... 'Lord, are you with me because I can't see how you are in this and I'm struggling to trust you.' 
I feel guilty for even thinking this... my  should be strong, after all I'm a Pastor?
Yet I have to be honest in this moment. I can’t pretend when all the while God knows my heart. Even as I write, He is providing a fresh revelation of Himself to me. 

 becomes the author of our faith as He initiates powerful promises that challenge us to trust in Him. Our faith is developed as we choose to trust His promises daily. When we trust Him we learn that He is a God of His . A God who  never break His promise. All we are required to do is trust Him in whatever circumstance. - Pastor Sophia

Soph: **Update**
Thank you so much for your prayers yesterday. I've just arrived back safely. 

But let me share with you what happened after I texted you my devotional... I decided to wear my 'Purpose' T-shirt. As I was going through the airport I noticed that  were reading the print, some even made comments and we were able to strike up a conversation. 

My faith throughout the  was strengthened and it began with being honest about where I was. Not only that... your prayers and the promises,  and presence of God made the difference. 

The biting point of transformation is where honesty meets the Jesus who is the truth, the  and the way.

Have a blessed day!


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