God, I want to please you but just don't know how or if I keep on doing the  thing that dishonours you, those around me and myself? 

This  provides us with hope.  speaks of God doing something transforming inside of us. He is working inside of you and me. 

He is giving us the desire, the willingness and the longing to please him. He gives us a vision of what that would look like, feel like, and be like—this desire gives us hope. 

This is the best part. The desire comes from God, but we may not have the ability to fulfil that desire. We may try in our own power, but each time we experience massive failures. 

God never intended for us to fail. He wants us to experience the desires he has placed in our hearts. He wants to  us experience the fulfillment of every  desire we have. How does he help us? 

He gives us his power. His power is able to  us beyond physical realities into a supernatural reality in which He exists. He is able to do far more than we could ever ask or think. His power can bring  to death and strength to weakness. 

His power is all we need for the desires of our hearts to be realised . And this  empower us to do what pleases him. 

You know the desires God has placed in your heart. Why not claim His power today to experience the fulfilment of these desires and make God pleased with you. 


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