When we harbour unforgiveness or negative feelings towards other people, it can overwhelm us. someone you’re not too fond of. What did you think of them doing to you? Did you think of something bad about them/their actions? Did you immediately want to start telling everyone a story about how awful they are? If you were in a good mood before, you’re probably annoyed or agitated now. If you are still bothered by that person or situation, you probably haven’t quite reached the end of your process of forgiveness yet.  

If you want to a free from those overwhelming, not-so-positive unforgiving emotions, you must keep that process of intentional forgiveness going, with a heart open to God, until you can forward with no negative feelings. One way to make sure that process reaches its conclusion is to take that person to God, in a good way, even while you’re still hurting.  

, when we pray for those who do us wrong, even while it’s happening, it’s the only way we’ll ever truly let go. Come to God without pretending that you’ve let the problem go, but even while you’re honest about your hurt, pray for that person, and the situation you need to forgive. Let God give you strength beyond your hurt to the unlovable. If you’re in the process of forgiving someone, ask God to guide the steps that you take next. 

If you hold anything against anyone, forgive them, so that your in heaven may forgive you.’ Mark 11:25 NIV 

Let’s Pray 

Yahweh, I desire to obey Your Word. Your word tells me to get rid of bitterness and anger and to forgive others as you forgave me in . Lord, I lay all my pain into your hands. I give you my heavy burden of unforgiveness and pain of the past, in exchange for your yoke, which is easy, and your burden, which is light. Your word says – Come all who are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Lord, I come to you that you may give me rest from all the hurt, pain, and unforgiveness. In Christ’s name Amen! 


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