During autumn in the UK, the dwindling of harvest becomes noticeable as winter kicks in, and the leaves on plants, trees, and bushes begin to brown and fall. The days grow shorter, and darkness comes earlier. The race against time to bring in a harvest of fruits and vegetables seems to be coming to an end. 

Thinking about fading light brings to mind who urges His disciples to walk while they still have the light, Jesus Himself.  Jesus spoke these words, knowing His upcoming death on the cross was just around the corner. And that event would become the one most -handed attempt to snuff out the His light. 

, people who need to be aware. Jesus, the Light of the , has come to overcome darkness by paying for our sin by His death giving victory. Hallelujah! But sin, the currency of the wickedness of this world, and the banker the devil persistently continues their efforts to snuff out the Light. Apathy and complacency conspire within and around us to diminish the Light like the short days of winter. When we lose our awareness of Christ darkness moves in. If your light is dwindling, what are you doing about ? It’s time to make the most of every opportunity to let the light of Christ flood your soul again.  

Jesus told them, “You are going to have the light just a little while longer. Walk while you have the light, before the darkness overtakes you.” — John 12:35 


Yahweh, thank you for being my consistent Light inspiring me to follow you faithfully. Yahshua, shine in me and through my words and actions so that I can be an overcomer and my harvest for souls increase. In Christ name. Amen. 

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