In his old age Jacob now begins one more journey. Many years earlier, Jacob had fled his homeland in fear; now he leaves in the hope of a joyful reunion with a son he had thought was dead. But this journey also requires him to leave the land God has promised to him. This journey take him to Egypt, a place of danger for his father and grandfather. Can God be involved in this unexpected change of plans? 

Jacob begins this journey with worship, even if a plan seems appealing to , will not succeed if it does not honour God. Though his own son had invited him to come and stay in Egypt, Jacob also knew of God’s warning that his descendants would be mistreated in a foreign land (Genesis 15:13). For this reason, God’s assurance was vital to his journey. 

, it may seem that God has placed you on a journey you did not expect: a career, a new home, a challenging situation that stretches your faith. Hear today the great assurance that Jacob heard: “Do not be afraid. . . . I will go . . . with you.” God, who lived among us and journeyed with us in the of Christ, will redeem and bless even the unexpected journeys of all who in Him in 2o22. 

“Do not be afraid to go down to Egypt, for I will you into a great nation there.” — Genesis 46:3 

Let’s Prayer 

Yahweh, sometimes you send us to unexpected places in . Give us wisdom to discern your leading in our journeys, and give us in knowing you are always with us, through Christ, our Savior. Amen. 

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