Don’t Speak Negativity Into Your Future

Do you know that your negative or future can be determined by how you see the present? In the Testament, there was an Israelite who was about to give . She had just heard that the Ark of the Covenant which housed 's presence had been stolen. She was so upset about it that she named her boy Ichabod, which means “the glory has departed.”  

Notice what this woman did; she named her future by what was happening in her present. She could have just as easily named him “the glory will return,” but she was so focused on the negative, so caught up in where she was at that moment, that she defined her future by it. Don't ever name your future by your present-day . You may have had some hard times in the past, but get that “Ichabod” spirit off of you.  

Today, it may look like you're stuck in a rut, and you don't really see how you could ever rise any higher, but don't defeat over your . Instead, name your future: blessed, prosperous, successful, victorious, healthy, whole, strong, talented, , . Declare what God's Word says, so that you can move forward in the destiny He has prepared for you! 

“You will also declare a thing, and it will be established…” (Job 22:28, NKJV) 

Let's Pray

, thank You for the blessed future that You have prepared for me. , today I choose to come into agreement with Your Word, and speak Your blessing over my life. God, keep me close to You and show me Your ways, in Christ's Name! Amen.  

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