’s death has exposed the racist disunity in our society. Did you know has commanded that come upon you when you are at peace with your brothers and sisters in the Lord? This doesn’t mean you say nothing, it means together we show love, when one hurts we all hurt. As believers, we are called to together in unity in order to fulfill God’s purposes. We are called to serve one another in love and serve together in our communities. Making the weaker strong and crushing injustice.

Think. Is there someone that you don’t quite get along with? Maybe it’s discrimination, gender issues, jealousy or a character clash. for yourself first that God would work on your heart. Then pray for that person. Go out of your way to be a blessing to them. Do your best to walk in peace and unity.

Today, as we serve one another in love, the Bible says the will know that we are Christians. The world will recognise that we are true followers of Christ by our actions, not by our . Make the decision to live in peace and unity with your brothers and sisters in the Lord, which includes honesty and truth. If the only thing you can agree on is that Jesus is Lord, build on that. Focus on the love you have for God and for seeing people come to know Him. As you focus on walking in peace and unity, you will walk into the place of blessing the Lord has commanded for you!

“How good and pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity”¦for there the Lord has commanded the blessing.”

(Psalm 133:1—3, KJV)

Pray With Me
Yahweh, search my heart today and see if there is anything that is keeping me from walking in unity with my brothers and sisters. , our world needs Your love and unity that only comes through Your .  God, I choose peace today. I choose unity today. Help me to be an of love to those around me, in Christ’s Name! Amen

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  1. Ludwig

    I love the article but I still don’t understand what made this incident racist? The evil cop wasn’t a racist and his Asian wife supports that. As it turned out George Floyd and the cop worked together in a nightclub and something bad was going on between them for a while. Now it looks more like a “hit” by a corrupt and criminal cop.

  2. Sharon Writes

    Yes thank you for this. We as Christians are called to love. In loving God, we must also love all of his creations. Racism is an assault against Gods image. As Christians, we must stand firm against sin and all injustice (that’s contradicts the word of God). May we as children of God walk in the way we ought to??