Heaven is a happy place, full of and laughter, not only from it’s human inhabitants but also from God. Have you ever thought about God laughing? Right now, God is on the throne. He’s not mad. He’s not worried about Brexit or the economy. He’s not upset with you and me about our sins or weaknesses. God is full of joy and happiness laughing on the throne, according to Psalms 2.

Psalm 37 also tells that He’s laughing because “He can see the destruction of the enemy coming.” In other , the reason God laughs is because He knows the end of the story. He knows the final outcome. The news is that you and I win. God always triumphs, He is a winning God! It’s like watching the football highlights when you already know the outcome. You already know your team is going to win. No matter how far behind the winning team falls, no matter how bad it looks for them, you know the result and wouldn’t get upset. You wouldn’t be worried. Why? You’ve got inside information. You know the final outcome.

Today, God is saying to us, when it gets tough, and things don’t look like they’ going to out, we know that with God we are on the winning team! Laugh with Him, don’t get sad and down because of life’s difficulties. Laugh, because like God, we know the enemy be destroyed, and it won’t be long before God’s , strength and victory will last forever! Hallelujah!

“He Who sits in the heavens laughs”¦”

(Psalm 2:4, AMPC)

With Me
Yahweh, I won’t stress, I will rest and trust in You. Father, thank You for bringing victory in every area of my life. Thank You for giving me a reason to laugh. Thank You for accepting me on Your winning team. Thank You for the promise to destroy the enemy for ever from my life. God, give me opportunities today to share Your joy and love with those who are sad and miserable around me, in ’s Name! Amen.

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