There is a reality to be faced, and it is not something that we should worry about, but neither should we take it lightly. While we go about our everyday lives, we are mostly oblivious of the eye that is always on us, watching us. Many of the Body have gone into hiding to their faith, the question we should be asking is: when are we next?

These eyes come in different shapes, sizes, and forms. You would think that there would be some sort of security about us when we come together whether it be on a social site or in , but the truth is that there are always infiltrators up to no good. When someone attacks you because of your faith in Jesus, it is easy to react with either anger, fear, or even shame. It is not that we do not expect it, because we know that persecution will come about, but just the fact that someone chose to attack us is something that doesn’t sit right with us. Sometimes it doesn’t come across as a direct attack on us, but a difference of opinions. However, if someone deliberately goes onto a site to discredit our Saviour, there is a problem there.

Believers are all over the , therefore social is a good way of interacting with like-minded followers. We sign up to different sites, newsletters, etc. to connect, right? So what are non-Christians doing on the site? If they are there to learn about our faith, then I am all for it, but if their intention is to attack our faith, then I feel sorry for them. Sorry that they felt the need to look for a Christian site and proceed to speak against our faith. Sorry that the Truth is not in them, nor do they understand it. Sorry that they have a veil over their eyes so that they cannot receive the Good News. Sorry that they do not have a relationship with Christ. 

Recently, I posted something that I felt strongly about. Well, someone commented saying something that surprised me because I wasn’t expecting it. The commenter basically said that Jesus was just a man and Christianity made Him . I do not feel any type of way against the person, I’m just surprised that they chose to read a post on a Christian site that clearly believes that Jesus is not only the Son of GOD, but GOD Himself (John 1:1, John 1:14, John 10:30, Isaiah 9:6, John 20:28, John 8:58). This has not been the only instance of someone commenting on a post in a similar manner, but something about this one made me pause and just think about it. I am not against people wanting to read posts on a Christian site, let them read and hear the Truth. But to, in a sense, troll the site is something altogether different. They are basically looking for a ‘fight’ of words, isn’t it? I don’t like to argue, especially when it is pointless. I have already stated my beliefs, so I have nothing else left to say. Sometimes I will clarify what I have said if someone has genuinely misunderstood me, but I’m not about to have a war of words with anyone. Sometimes, the Holy Spirit will prompt me to speak, but more often than not, I will just listen, observe, and pray. Perhaps my words may come across as too direct at times, but there is never any malice or anger behind them.

This is just a minor incident, it is nothing compared to what is happening to Believers all over the world. Look at Believers in North Korea, for instance. They have to go underground just to come together and worship GOD because they are being closely watched. Should they be caught, they face harsh persecution. Or what about the Christians in countries? The ones who are being beheaded and killed on crosses for their faith? I cannot sit and complain about a few comments in the light of all of this happening.

Back to social media. Many people have taken it upon themselves to look for, and attack Christians on social media, which I suppose is tit for tat seeing as how so-called Christians have attacked them too. The problem is that we who are true to our faith are not the ones going about giving hate speech (I mean words that are intended to hurt and attack, not the truth in GOD’S ), but the ones who call themselves Christians but have no what it means to follow Christ. Or they do, but have an agenda against us and wish the world to hate us (a lot do already). It’s that whole ‘wheat from the chaff’ thing going on; we who are wheat will be gathered into barns but those who are chaff, well… Fake Christians will always be among us as long as this world continues as it is, so what we should do is shine bright and let the world see our light.

I suppose some people may call me paranoid for believing that governments, secret societies, and entities are also keeping an eye on Christians, but it’s not as far-fetched as some would assume. We are in a war, right? This war manifests in the physical realm in different ways, and some people are used to bring about certain situations, be it false news, a change in education systems, tapping of phones, mass hysteria about global issues etc. In my opinion, this is just a well-orchestrated plan by the powers of darkness to bring about the total destruction of man. However, we are confident in GOD, knowing that He has the last say in everything. So, watch us all you want, but we have a Greater One watching over us:)

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