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Micro vs. Macro Blogging

You know what blogging is, but do you know the difference between macro and micro blogging?

Blogging and micro-blogging are both forms of social networking.

Blogging or “Web-blogging” has been used in instruction for years now and with it have emerged new and exciting possibilities for instruction, such as benefiting students in various academic disciplines and providing instructors with various added perspectives by including students’ personal voices in the learning process.


This is the standard blog you see all over the web. Typical posts run around 500 words, although of course some go longer or a little shorter. However, too much more than 500 and you run the risk of boring the heck out of your audience.


While Godinterest isn’t the only example of a micro-blog, it’s a great visual to use. You’re limited to 500 characters per status update which means you have to be as concise as possible. Of course there are ways around that (multiple status update etc.) but more often than not people stick to the format.

The distinctions between the two kinds of platforms create unique opportunities for instruction and student engagement.

Do you prefer macro or micro blogs? Maybe a mix of the two?


What do you think?

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Blogging Theology

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