Godinterest Launches Blogging Portal For Students And Teachers of Religion

Over a week ago, using the fully hosted version of the popular open-source WordPress content management system, Dean Jones introduced a blog portal that focuses specifically on religion to help share their faith online.

Jones, a 36-year- ex-lecturer from London argues that Godinterest gives occasion to a whole set of conversations about religion in public life and represents the possibility of a common conversation among a diverse set of voices. “

There is no doubt that WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms so when asked what’s special and about Godinterest, Jones stated the points: “

– Only for Religion – Godinterest is targeted at those in Religion rather than general blogging. We envision blogs being used to facilitate discussion, replace paper newsletters, encourage students to blog, post videos podcasts and presentation and create class publications.

– Accounts – Godinterest offers a range of accounts not limited to an individual. The basic version is a free account which gives you features comparable to WordPress but without some of the themes and Adverts (a nice incentive to an educator) after that there be pro accounts which opens up more options like the ability to set up, and monitor, blogs for students, custom domains and visitor stats. Godinterest will also offer free upgrades for students when attached to a Pro blog.

– Privacy – students might be more conscious about their than your average blogger. The built in privacy features (including password protection) are a great way to help students to build up their confidence.

Modules – We also plan to implement modules in Scripture, Worship (including Sacraments), History and Beliefs on Theology Challenges and provide a variety of resources to help teachers and students explore many aspects of religious knowledge. “

The future of education is with online and there are fewer and better things to be innovating on than just that right now, Godinterest offers that opportunity for any religious educator or faith blogger with specific themes and features that will make learning even more effective.

About us

Godinterest Sites is a blog-publishing service built with WordPress for Religion that lets you share your faith online

For a limited time Godinterest Sites will be offering free Pro upgrades for religious educational institutions worldwide.

For more information visit http://sites.godinterest.com

Note to Editors: To arrange an interview with Dean Jones, please contact Dean Jones at +44(0)7939024086 or via e-mail at pr@godinterest.com


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