Telling someone about is not the easiest thing in the world. I don’t understand every single thing about Him, I mean, he’s God. I can’t answer you when you ask me how in the heck He was there before there ever was a beginning; my human mind can’t comprehend how that’s even possible. I can’t tell you why bad things happen to people, I can’t tell you why we are always at conflict with other countries when an all-powerful God could just say “Stop being stupid” and we would all just get along. I don’t have the answers to the world’s toughest questions about God, all I’ve got is based on the knowledge that I do have. I do know that God answers prayer, I do know that He gives me peace and , and I do know that before God, all I ever did was sit around, get fat off of junk food and feel sorry for myself.

I tell people about God because I want them to know Him like I know Him. I want them to know what it feels like knowing that God comforts us in the storm and protects us from harm. But how do I convey that in spoken form? How do I describe a feeling that’s unlike any other? Most of the I fail, and then things get awkward.

“God loves you. I know you may not believe in him, but he believes in you!” Cringe. Why did I say that? I used to work at a Fast Food joint, not Hallmark. She turned right around to face me and said, “Alisha, I don’t NOT believe in God, I just don’t go to church. Who told you that I was an atheist?” Ummm awkward! What’s even is worse is the fact that I ratted on my and said that she did it. I really didn’t think that through, I should have had more coffee before I decided to open up my big mouth cause for the rest of that week everybody was making fun of how ignorant I was.    

I had another situation where I was trying to witness to someone and I just went right along with their answers so that I could seem relatable. Big mistake. “Yeah,” he said. “I just don’t know if God is real or not. He could be, but he might not be. I just don’t know, so I don’t believe.” I told him that I was right in the same boat as him, which was a lie. I told him the cliche line of “too many things have happened to me for me to not believe,” and the cringe continued. No, my grade A witnessing skills did not make this person desperately want to give his to The . I wasn’t being truthful, in God and in no way do I have any doubts. There was a time I didn’t, but not now. I don’t know how I thought lying just to seem relatable would do anyone any good.  

I haven’t mastered the arts of genius witnessing tactics, but now I’m realizing that the best way is to by example. People are going to notice I’m different, people are going to be curious on their own, and then I can tell them what I know and be honest about what I don’t know. Witnessing isn’t about obnoxiously asking them if they want to learn about our Lord and Savior , it isn’t about making people feel weird or uncomfortable, it’s about leading people to God on their own terms. Let your light shine for itself, people will notice, and when they do, they will find a love like they’ve never known before.


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  1. Anonymous

    I’m not afraid to tell people about Jesus in the workplace. The only downfall I face is that other fake Christians will counterattack your evangelism to be part of the crowd. So yes, it is difficult evangelizing in the workplace!

  2. Dawn

    The best witness is to be yourself and be truthful. Knowing Scripture but not having “a tactic”. But that’s just my opinion. I know some Christians who are much more ebullient and bold than I am yet are quite effective, and some who are so quiet that you wonder what they believe. A believer is who I am. If someone is offended by who I am but I’m not being offensive, it’s just a fact that not everyone I meet is going to like me. I have to be humble enough to admit that, though I’d prefer to be liked. I agree with what you say, but I’ve also been wondering lately: I cannot earn my own salvation, so I certainly cannot earn someone else’s either. I have to be careful not to let my works substitute for His… Great photos, by the way.