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Jesus, Please!

Not everybody believes Jesus is real, or the messiah. There are many who question the authority and legitimacy of Jesus.

Jesus never wrote a book, yet all the libraries throughout the country couldn’t hold all the books written about him. Jesus never wrote a song, but he is the theme of more songs than all song writers combined.

Jesus never founded a college or university, but all the schools together cannot boast of how many students he has. Jesus never practiced sociology, but the bible says he has healed more broken hearts then doctors have healed broken bodies.

Jesus never marshalled an army, drafted a solider or fired a gun, but no leader has had more volunteers who have under his order made army’s cease without a shot being fired.

Jesus is the central figure of the bible. The Old Testament talks about the Jesus that is to come and the talks about the Jesus that has come and is coming back.

Jesus is Under Fire in The Public Eye

However, whiles Jesus followers have numbered in the millions, his detractors are increasing by the minute. Not everybody believes Jesus is real, or the messiah. There are many who question the authority and legitimacy of Jesus.

Did he really turn water into wine? Did he really heal the sick? Did he really spit on the ground to make mud and rub it on a mans eyes to make him see? Did Jesus really walk on water and feed five thousand people with two fish and five lofts of bread? Was Jesus really God? Or was Jesus merely a good person who walked the earth and preformed good deeds?

The World is Full of Jesus Naysayers

We live in a world of Jesus Naysayers. Jesus doubters who are confusing Christianity, dividing and deceiving people.

Atheists are on the rise, in fact, according to the Pew Research Center (a nonpartisan American think tank based in Washington, D.C.) , the number of atheists in the US has doubled in the last seven years and this figure is rising fast. This is not limited to the US, but a worldwide crisis. The medium age of people turning to atheism is 34 years of age, which means most people who don’t believe are young people.

There is Power In The Name of Jesus

Despite all of this the church is called to preach that there is power in the name of Jesus to make disciples of people.

Raising G-Rated Kids in An X-Rated World

That’s why a foundation in Jesus for our young people is so important. We are raising G-rated kids in an X-rated world. That’s why an environment that is conducive to their growth, where principals are promoted, fostered and the authenticity of Jesus is not questioned is now more important than ever.

The final outcome of our child-rearing is the combined result of four influences.

  • God—The Ultimate Influence
  • Parents—The Ordained Means of Influence
  • The World—The Unavoidable Influence
  • The Child’s Heart—The Overlooked Influence

I can think of no more urgent need in our urban context than to raise up a generation of children who love God and hate evil (Ps 97:10). Satan himself seeks to devour them. And what, do you ask, is God’s appointed means of grace to help your children? That answer is simple. It is you, God fearing parents.

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