We Need to Take Jesus’ Metaphor of Being Born Again More Seriously

It’s easy to ignore the painful, messy, universal experience of birth that Jesus was referring to.

After Christ was of John in Jordan the heavens were opened, and the light of the glory of , brighter than the sun at noonday, shone from the eternal throne. The form of a dove encircled the Son of God, while a clear voice from the eternal was heard saying,
“This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.”
Communication between heaven and earth, between God and man, had been broken by the fall of Adam; but through Christ man could again commune with God. How grateful should we be for the privileges which Christ has gained for us.

Baptism is for the committed    

All baptised Christians have made a covenant with , and claim to be His children. But do you live the Christ-life? Have you been seeking those things which are above? When you took your baptismal vows, we're you truly dead to sin and to the world?

Baptism is for the responsible  

No one is amenable to the gospel of Christ who is incapable of assuming the responsibilities connected with conversion. Jesus taught that those who wish to follow him must be willing to separate from loved ones—even parents—if necessary. The New Testament symbolically represents our union with Christ as a “marriage” (see Rom. 7:4; Eph. 5:22). Those who are dead to sin and to the world should also be dead to fashion and pride, regularly contribute liberally to support the field and spend nothing for selfish gratification. Does this sound like you?
“One's relationship with the Son of God is the most important commitment he will ever have upon this earth.”

Baptism is for one who understands  

As God-fearing parents, we should lead to give their hearts to God when they are young. We should tell them our desire to see them converted and baptised, and then work to this end.
Those in whom Christ is abiding will never neglect the duties that they owe to their children. Fathers, mothers, come to the foot of the cross, saying,
“Lord, forgive me for failing to serve Thee and to render grateful praise to Thee for Thy loving-kindness to me. O Jesus, pardon me, and I will begin to live a new life, henceforth serving Thee alone.”

Be careful with arbitrary conclusions

No one can make a sweeping generalization regarding another's baptism. No one is able to judge, based upon mere age.

Be prepared with gentleness

There is no doubt but that small children will, on occasion, request baptism—when it is readily apparent that they do not comprehend the gravity of the situation.

Remember that our children are not are own, but that they, too, have been “bought with a price,” and that they are to be prepared for a home in heaven. A crown of glory will be placed upon the head of every victorious parent and every victorious child. The gates of the beautiful city will be opened for the entrance of both faithful parents and obedient children. In that day it will be the privilege of faithful parents to say,

“Behold I and the children which God hath given me are saved by .”

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